Nadine Huber

Beautician, Managing Director

  • Born in St. Gallen
  • Registered beautician with specialisation in medical treatments
  • Examiner for vocational certificates
  • My personal beauty tip: Treat yourself to a body exfoliation treatment a few days before basking in the sun or going on holidays. Removing dead skin cells from your body will lead to an even and consistent tan and unattractive spots will be a thing of the past.
  • My favourite product: Niance® Cleansing Peeling Energize

Jeanette Kuster

Registered beautician and certified specialist for medical foot care

  • Born in Vaduz
  • Registered beautician and certified specialist for medical foot care
  • My personal beauty tip: Fill up a tub with water at a temperature of 37°C and sprinkle three drops of mint or rosemary oil into it. This foot bath will revive your feet and reduce further sweating.
  • My favourite product: Gehwol med Lipidro Creme with urea

Terrisa Hoch

Sales consultant, Deputy Managing Director

  • Born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan
  • Master of Arts in Marketing
  • My personal beauty tip: Treat yourself once a week to a relaxing bath and let a face mask work its magic at the same time. The steam will open your pores and your skin will be moisturised and no longer look sallow and tired.
  • My favourite product: Valmont Prime Renewing Pack – Happy Mask

Jessie Xie

Sales consultant

  • Born in Shenzhen, China
  • Master of Luxury Management, International Finance study programme
  • My personal beauty tip: On hot summer days, put your facial care products in the fridge. The cooling creams will be a boon to your skin and combat any redness.
  • My favourite product: La Colline Moisture Boost Swiss Alps Cellular Mist

Chia-Ling Huang

Sales consultant

  • Born in Taipei, Taiwan
  • Registered dental assistant
  • My personal beauty tip: Drink a glass of warm water with a squeeze of lemon every morning before you start your day. This will get your circulation going and reduce any digestive problems you might have.
  • My favourite product: La Prairie White Caviar Crème Extraordinaire